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Great Women who changed the world (Part one)



In past few days we have been learning about great women who have changed the world. This week we have been learning about Rosa Parks and Frida Kahlo. First I will tell you about Rosa Parks, it all started when she was waiting for the ruby red bus but she had no idea she was about to do something AMAZING! She stepped onto the bus slowly but instead of sitting where she was meant to she sat where she wanted to because she wanted to change the world- and she did just that!.


Frida Kahlo was a student at medical school she was involved in a horrible traffic accident which meant she couldn't finish her training. Instead of feeling sorry for herself she became a fantastic artist who loved to share her work. Her motto was: VIVA LA VIDA which means "Long live life". Frida was a fighter who lived life to the full. My favourite picture of hers was with all her pet monkeys and cats.



by Amy Mason

Year 2

My first week at Christ Church



Last week was my first week at Christ Church First School and I loved it! At Christ Church I have the best teacher I have ever had. On Tuesday we went swimming with the class and we played games, I had loads of fun! At playtime I played group tig and at lunch I had a nice meal with Pizza and sweetcorn. I have made lots of new friends, Rhys and Debbie have been very nice to me. I loved our English and Maths work, it has been fun and practising our song for the end of year performance. I had a wonderful week and my class friends and teachers are so nice to me.



By Toby Watkin

Year 2



Lottie and Poppy’s book experience


This year Poppy and I have been reading books by David Walliams. They are very funny and full of fantasy. Some of the books we have read are Gangster Granny, Ratburger, Billionaire Boy, Mr. Stink, Awful Auntie and now Poppy is reading Demon Dentist. We think David Walliams is a good author because his books are funny and full of magic! Lottie’s favourite book is Gangster Granny because it is really funny but at the end it is very sad. My favourite part was where the Granny is doing her yoga and Mr. Parker spies on her! It is sooooo funny! Poppy’s favourite book is Ratburger because Burt the Burger Man is disgusting! Also, the little girl Zoe has a really horrible stepmother so Zoe escapes by digging a hole with her braces! Then her enemy Tina Trotts (who is also her next door neighbour) finds Zoe in her room because Zoe has been digging a hole into the next door neighbour's house the whole time! Zoe also has a rat called Armitage which she named after a toilet!!!!



By Poppy and Lottie

Year 2