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Coronavirus - School Provision.

19th March 2020

Dear Parent/Carer

Re: Coronavirus – School Provision


In light of the latest announcement by the government to close schools, we would like to let you know what we have put in place to support our families as we move forward into these uncertain times.


Firstly, I would ask that all parents provide a valid email address as this will our main means of communication while school is closed. We will update information on our website, on a regular basis, so please use this facility; this is where we will post all work for the children to complete.


School Work

  • Teachers will set 2 weeks of work for all year groups (based on the amount of work they would complete in a normal school day.)
  • Please do not expect your child to work any longer than a school day. If you complete all the work set, please see the other suggestions on the website for activities. Teachers will not set additional work for individual pupils.
  • If necessary, work will be renewed on a fortnightly basis.
  • Please stick to the topics set by the teachers as this will allow us to keep some semblance of a record of curriculum coverage.
  • At this point, we are trying to set work that consolidates current learning, allowing for practice and deeper understanding. We will not ask parents to teach new concepts or skills.
  • Some work will be set on online apps or websites. These activities will be monitored and teachers will be able to see what activities the children have completed. This can then be assessed.
  • For all other work, please keep this in a folder at home and return this to school once we re-open. We will have a series of lessons for children to “showcase” their work on their return. We will also display the art and craft work they complete.
  • Try to make time for art, craft, relaxation and physical activity as this is essential for wellbeing. There are some great ideas on YouTube.
  • Keep children reading. There is a list of reading websites in the Class Pages of our website.
  • Sites such as Pinterest have some fabulous ideas for crafts that can be done at home, using everyday materials. (There will be a use for all the toilet rolls!)
  • Families who do not have access to the internet or only have one computer but multiple children, can request a pack of activities from the school. We have prepared these resources and are available to collect after school on Friday.
  • have activities for all age groups – you will be sure to find something here to support the learning set by the class teachers.
  • are offering free access to their resources for all. Head to and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS for free access. If using this website, please stick to topics the children have done or are currently doing until further notice.



We will use the school website as the primary source of information for the school community. This will be updated regularly. Second to that, we will email parents. Each class will also have its own dedicated email address. These will be made available to parents in case there is a question about the school work. These emails will be checked twice daily (Mon-Fri). Teachers will not provide a daily dialogue with parents via email.



Class email addresses are:





We are aware that having your children at home for such long periods of time may cause financial pressure on some families, especially if children are in receipt of Free School Meals. Until the government provide details of their proposed voucher scheme, we have set up a small food bank in school. If you would benefit from support in this way, please contact the school office. We will treat this information with the utmost discretion. Please do not be afraid to ask as the food is here.


Vulnerable Children and Frontline Services

As a school, we wish to offer as much support as possible to our community. For families where both parents work for Frontline services or in positions outlined in the government’s list who may struggle with childcare when the school closes, will have access to school if they qualify. Vulnerable children will also be invited to remain at school. Please contact the school office, if you feel you may need our help.



School is a central part to all children’s lives. School closures make it difficult for us to fulfil our safeguarding obligations. Should anybody have a concern about a child’s welfare or wellbeing, the contact number for First Response is 0800 1313 126. You can also report a concern online via Childline’s number is 0800 1111.


Advice or Concerns

The government are providing daily updates and these can be accessed at the government’s website You can also contact the school via: Be aware that the response may not be instant as I will be involved in running the school’s provision.


Thank you for your continued support in these difficult times.


Mrs A Graham

Executive Headteacher