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My Grandad’s life in World War 2 

When World War 2 started my Grandad was 3 years old. When the War was going on my Grandad would go to the back of the garden and go into an air raid shelter. They a house half buried under the ground. There were not many sweets or toys. He didn’t see pineapples or bananas until the war was over. At night there were no street lights so they could not see the aeroplanes if they dropping bombs at night. In those days my Grandads family did not have television so they listened to the radio a lot. My Grandad was 9 when the war finished. I am so happy my Grandad survived. I hope you enjoyed reading about my grandad’s life in World War 2.


Interesting facts.

MY Grandad is still alive now he is 82. He was born on the 8th of May 1936.His 9th birthday was the same day that the war in Europe ended.


BY Hettie Hearn (Year 3)

Top ten reasons why CCFS is the best school!


1. We have fun! We learn about science, maths, English, history, geography, R.E , Art and computing . Our lessons are interesting and exciting because we have the best teachers.

2. School trips and visitors to our school like the bug lady or the pantomime!

3. Everyone is kind.

4. We have celebration worship which is where we get certificates for lots of things such as behaviour, being polite amazing work, trying our hardest or simply by being a good friend.

5. We get to go swimming in years 2-4.

6. We get to read amazing stories in class– we sometimes read together or it could be independently .

7. Christmas is always lot of fun. We have a Christmas fayre, Christmas parties, Christmas crafts , a nativity or performance—we also sometimes have special elf visitors that come in our classroom.

8. We get to learn about cool stuff from history like the Titanic, great fire of London, the Vikings .

9. Fishy Fridays!

10. All the teachers are amazing but the best one is…… they are all our favourite!


By Daisy Ross and Freya Sherrington (Y4)