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We are very proud to be a myHappymind school. This means that every single child, from Reception to Year 4, receives weekly mental health education as part of their whole school education. myHappymind is a mental health and well-being program to support children in learning habits to support their own mental health.


We will be running myHappymind alongside the Kapow scheme to give the children at Christ Church First School a  fully inclusive PSHE curriculum.


The myHappymind program contains five modules. These are:


Meet Your Brain: Understanding how your brain works and how to ensure we look after it so that we can manage our emotions and be at our best. Growth mindset is a key part of this too.

Celebrate: Understanding your unique character strengths and learning to celebrate them. This is a fantastic module for building self-esteem.

Appreciate: Understanding why gratitude matters and how you can develop gratitude as a habit. Gratitude is key to well-being and resilience and we're all about making it a habit!

Relate:Understanding why positive relationships matter and how to build them. We're focussed on the building blocks of good relationships and friendships.

Engage: Understanding how to set meaningful goals that matter and how to keep resilient in times of challenge. This module is all about building self-esteem and resilience too.


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Young persons advice from Action for Children

At Christ Church First School, we are working towards becoming an "Attachment Aware" school. All staff have received training in attachment and the difficulties that a child may experience in school and in the wider world.


In this section of the website, we aim to offer information and advice on attachment difficulties as well as information to support children's well-being.