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Year 2

My Grandad’s life in World War 2 

When World War 2 started my Grandad was 3 years old. When the War was going on my Grandad would go to the back of the garden and go into an air raid shelter. They a house half buried under the ground. There were not many sweets or toys. He didn’t see pineapples or bananas until the war was over. At night there were no street lights so they could not see the aeroplanes if they dropping bombs at night. In those days my Grandads family did not have television so they listened to the radio a lot. My Grandad was 9 when the war finished. I am so happy my Grandad survived. I hope you enjoyed reading about my grandad’s life in World War 2.


Interesting facts.

MY Grandad is still alive now he is 82. He was born on the 8th of May 1936.His 9th birthday was the same day that the war in Europe ended.


BY Hettie Hearn


Our friendly school by Hettie

Tigers are endangered




  • Tigers are the largest cats in the world.

  • Tigers are carnivores

  • Tigers are hunters they hunt at night

  • Tigers are good swimmers

  • You can hear a Tiger roar from 3KMs away

  • Tigers are hunted by man for their fur and their teeth.


    By Rylan and Tyler

The Blue Whale



  • Blue Whales are the largest animal in the world they can be 100 feet long.

  • A Blue Whale’s tongue is as heavy as a whole elephant.

  • They eat little fish called krill.

  • They swim 5 miles every hour.

  • They are endangered because they are hunted by man.



    By Aitor

Rent a beast

Rent a beast  1
Rent a beast  2
Rent a beast  3
Rent a beast  4
Rent a beast  5
Rent a beast  6
Rent a beast  7
Rent a beast  8

Leon and the place between- Book Reviews


In the story what I didn’t like is when the magician made magic cards and birds came out of his sleeves. But I liked it when Leon saved the rabbit from the place between – Daisy.


My favourite character was the bunny because he was very fluffy and very cute. What I liked most about the book was when Leon rescued the bunny from the place between, it was cute. When Leon went into the dark box it was a bit scary! – Evie.


Once upon a time there lived a boy called Leon and he went to the circus! Leon went into a giant tent this was when the circus began! My favourite part of the story was when Abdul Kazam came and all magical things flew out of his sleeves! Oscar G.


I really liked ‘Leon and the place between’ because the magic was really good. I didn’t like the part when Leon was stuck in the box because it was dark. I liked when Leon was flying on the magic carpet- Oscar F.



How to make your own fossil


You will need:

  • Cardboard hoop
  • Wooden boards
  • Playdough
  • Shells
  • Water
  • Plaster of Paris
  • Measuring Jug
  • Stirrer




1. Get a cardboard hoop, put the wooden board under the hoop.

2. Put the play dough inside the hoop and make sure its flat.

3. Put the nice side of the shell in the play dough.

4.Put water in the jug and add the plaster of paris.

5.Get the measuring jug, then stir it all up.

6.Pour the plaster over the play dough.

7. Leave to set.

8. When its dry, take off cardboard hoop and the play dough.

9. Your fossil is ready!


By Hollie Upton-Cashmore


Fossil Making!

Fossil Making! 1
Fossil Making! 2
Fossil Making! 3
Fossil Making! 4
Fossil Making! 5
Fossil Making! 6
Fossil Making! 7
Fossil Making! 8
Fossil Making! 9
Fossil Making! 10
Fossil Making! 11
Fossil Making! 12
Fossil Making! 13
Fossil Making! 14
Fossil Making! 15
Fossil Making! 16
Fossil Making! 17
Fossil Making! 18
Fossil Making! 19
Fossil Making! 20
Fossil Making! 21
Fossil Making! 22
Fossil Making! 23
Fossil Making! 24
Fossil Making! 25
Fossil Making! 26
Fossil Making! 27

Our Veg-tastic Greenhouse


Over the past few weeks in science we have been learning about plants: How they grow, what they need to survive and the different parts of a plant. Since April we have been growing vegetables in our greenhouse! We have chosen to grow tomatoes, carrots, runner beans, spring onions, radishes and peas. We have been keeping a gardening diary to record the changes and we have taken lots of photos, here are some pictures of us looking after our vegetables.