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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


Class teacher - Mrs Morgan

TAs - Mrs Elsmore & Miss Barker


Swimming - Monday

PE day is Monday with Mrs Roberts

Library lunch slot is Monday


School Closure Planning - Year 2

Weeks beginning 15th June and 22nd June 2020


Hi everybody!

Wow! The last two weeks have flown by!

We hope that you are all well and are keeping busy. Hopefully the sun will come out soon again for us all.


Please continue to use White Rose Maths and BBC Bitesize to support your learning.


Our topic is ‘How does your garden grow?’


For Maths, please do the daily sessions on White Rose Maths.


You can follow this link, or enter it into your address bar on the internet:


If you are able to print, the worksheets for every day are in the files below with the week’s date on.


If you are unable to print, please don’t worry. You can still continue with the online video. There are plenty more resources to support your learning on the BBC Bitesize page. You can get to it by following this link:           

You could also look at the questions and write your answers on some paper.


On the BBC Bitesize page, it also has daily English lessons for you to complete.


There are also lessons on science, history, geography and more!


Our books for this half term are ‘The Sky Garden,’ ‘The Flower,’ ‘Where my Wellies Take Me’ and ‘Tidy.’ If you don’t have these books, you could read any other books related to our topic too.

After reading the books, you could write a book review. What did you like/dislike? Would you recommend the book to friend? Why/why not?

You could also write a poem, or your own short story, based on the great outdoors.


Spelling Shed and TT Rockstars resources will all be updated as well.


For phonics, there are lots of websites available for you to use.

Focus on Phase 6 and revise Phase 5



For your topic work for this month, we would like you to explore the local area.


We want you to create an information pack about where you live. This could include history of the area, changes over the years, any celebrities who live/have lived there, drawings, interviews with local residents (don’t forget to stay 2 metres apart!) and any other ideas you can think of!

You can also get creative! How about building a model of an interesting building or paint a picture of your favourite place. You could go on a minibeast hunt and create a tally chart to show how many different minibeasts you have discovered. What can you tell us about what you found?

Ask and answer questions such as: What was the most common minibeast? What was the least common minibeast? What is the difference between the most and least common?


We would love to see your creations, please email any pictures to:



If you are struggling with any of the work set, please don’t worry! You are doing your best and we are all so proud of you.


Take care everyone and we are looking forward to seeing the wonderful creations you have made.




SCIENCE- weeks beginning 20th April and 27th April 2020. PLANTS. Please adapt this to suit your home and outside space resources- use the ideas and knowledge the best you can, you do not have to follow the plans exactly!

Year 2 Gold Star Winners