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Who's Who

Staffing 2023-2024

Mrs A Graham -Executive Headteacher

Miss N Bourne - Assistant Headteacher/Senco/PE

Teaching staff

Mrs R Doyle - Reception 

Mrs A Morgan/ Mrs M Beeson- Year 1  

Miss SA Barr - Year 2 

Mrs E Morgan - Year 3

Mr J Husbands - Year 4

Mr J Farrington - Music

Teaching assistants

Mrs A Barnard - Reception

Mrs J Favager -  Year 1

Mrs J Starkey - Year 2

Mrs D Elsmore - Year 3

Mrs R Best - Year 4

Mrs H Castell-Boote - ELSA/Pupil support/Reception

Administration Team

Mrs A Degg/Mrs A Taylor - Main office

Mrs A Jacks - Pupil Finance/attendance/main office

Lunchtime Team

Mrs A Jacks - Senior lunchtime supervisor

Mrs H Harashchuk - Lunchtime Supervisor

Ms J Nuttall- Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs G Bowers - Lunchtime Supervisor
Catering Team

Mrs C Carter - Catering (Miquill)

Mrs J Fearon - Catering (Miquill)

Cleaning Team/Site Management

Mr E Lonsdale - Caretaker




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